Surprise Surprise! ObamaCare is Causing Some Unintended Consequences

Rising healthcare costs due to ObamaCare?

The main purpose of the Affordable Care Act, commonly dubbed ObamaCare, is to curb the increase in the cost of healthcare in order to make them more affordable. However, many healthcare providers have already increased premiums or are proposing new increases in spite of ObamaCare’s stated purpose. If that was not enough, the terms of ObamaCare has already negatively affected employers and their employees. Businesses have been slashing hours and reducing hiring/cutting jobs in order to avoid the costly regulatory burdens place on them due to ObamaCare. The provisions of ObamaCare mandates that employers offer medical insurance if they employ 50 or more employees.  It’s no secret why there is a disproportionate amount of businesses that employ 49 employees or less. Also, employees who work over 30 hours must also be provided with insurance. Government decrees such as ObamaCare are often sold as being necessary to protect the average Joe and Jane. Thus far, ObamaCare has done just the opposite.

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